July 10, 2015



Swedish  25/50/80 min | $45/$75/$105  

A traditional, relaxing approach to full body massage using long flowing strokes. Circulation is increased while muscle tension is diminished.

Deep Tissue 25/50/80 min I $50/$80/$110

Slow strokes and deeper direct pressure are focused on specific areas in the deeper layers of muscle tissue releasing chronic patterns of tension and overuse, reducing pain and tightness.

Sports Treatment 25/50/80 min I $50/$80/$110

An enhanced focus on areas of the body of most concern for athletes, increasing range of motion and decreasing muscle fatigue.

Hot Stone   80 min | $120    

Heated stones are placed on and under the body to balance energies while your therapist uses the deep penetrating heat of these smooth stones to relieve stress and tension.

Prenatal   50/80 min | $75/$105 

Our therapists employ cushions and precise techniques to maximize comfort and pain relief during pregnancy.

Couple’s (Side-By-Side)   50/80 min | $75/$105 per person  

Enjoy a massage together, side by side, in our spacious couple’s room.

Chair Massage 20 min | $25

Focused work for back, neck and shoulders, perfect for after a workout.